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The RAILPROF measuring device was developed over the past decades by Esveld Consulting Services. In cooperation with TU Delft forced-based theory was developed for the assessment of weld geometry. The assessment algorithm was implemented in RAILPROF software and produces a quality index (QI), which should be less then 1.

Company Expertise

In August 2014 the RAILPROF business was taken over by RailProf Instruments BV (RPI). RPI forms part of the KMVH holding, comprised of various entities, such as Rail OK and ID2, dealing with:

  • Consulting and engineering via engineering office ID2;
  • Work applications in the industry, tram, metro and railways;
  • Execution of welding technology and welding coordination;
  • Education and training;
  • Verification, testing and inspection;
  • Rail welding and maintenance of rail infrastructure.

RPI - Michiel van Loonstraat 23a, NL-4247ES Kedichem

email: info@railprof.com - tel: +31 183564924